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When the renegade Princess Kitana makes her escape into the unknown regions of Earth, Jade is appointed by Shao Kahn to bring his daughter back alive. Once a close friend of the Princess, Jade is faced with the task of betraying her friend or disobeying her Emperor.

Special Moves

Boomerang: Back, Forward, Low Punch.
Upward Boomerang: Back, Forward, High Punch.
Downward Boomerang: Back, Forward, Low Kick.
Returning Boomerang: Back, Back, Forward, Low Punch.
(Returns if it misses opponent)
Shadow Kick: Down, Forward, Low Kick.
Projectile Shield: Back, Forward, High Kick.

Basic Combos

Combo 1: High Kick, High Kick, Low Kick, Back + High Kick.
Combo 2: High Punch, High Punch, Down + Low Punch, Down + High Punch.
Combo 3: High Punch, High Punch, Down + Low Punch, Low Kick, High Kick, Back + Low Kick, Back + High Kick.

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: (Close) Up, Up, Down, Forward, High Punch.
Fatality 2: (Close) Run, Run, Run, Block, Run.
Animality: (Close) Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, Low Kick.
Babality: Down, Down, Forward, Down, High Kick.
Friendship: Back, Down, Back, Back, High Kick.
Stage Fatalities: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Run.
* Brutality: High Punch, Low Kick, High Punch, Low Punch, High Kick, High Kick, Low Kick, Block, High Punch, High Kick.


Jade makes the decision to assist her longtime friend, Kitana. She thwarts an assassination attempt by Reptile against the princess and fends off their other Outworld enemies.

This clears the path for Kitana to turn Sindel against the Emperor Shao Kahn. With Sindel removed as an enemy Jade finds herself facing the Emperor in Kombat.

She defeats him and both Earth and her former homeland of Edenia are transformed to their original states. Jade has earned herself a place alongside the great heroes of Mortal Kombat.

* Brutalities can't be performed in the arcade version of UMK3.


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