Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

A princess of Edenia, Kitana now serves the Emperor Shao Kahn. As if spellbound, she obeys his every command and hunts down his enemies with her razor sharp fan blades.


Special Attacks

Square Wave Punch: S + Q.

Special Launch Attacks

Fan Wave: S + L.

Special Power Attacks

Fan Throw: S + P.

Special Throw Attacks

Enemy Manipulation: S + T (jump to release).
Head Smack: S + T, Q.
Flip Up: S + T, L.
Power Slam: S + T, P.
Directional Throw: S + T + U/D/B/F, T.


Head Chop: Left, Left, Right, Right, Q.
Kiss of Death: Right, Right, Right, Right, Q.


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