Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Johnny Cage

Most think of Johnny Cage as nothing than a glory-seeking Hollywood actor. But there is more to this action star than his contemporaries know: Johnny Cage helped save the world. Now he must face yet another threat to Earthrealm's existence.


Special Attacks

Shadow Bolt: S + Q.

Special Launch Attacks

Shadow Uppercut: S + L.

Special Power Attacks

Shadow Kick: S + P.

Special Throw Attacks

Enemy Manipulation: S + T (jump to release).
Head Smack: S + T, Q.
Flip Up: S + T, L.
Power Slam: S + T, P.
Directional Throw: S + T + U/D/B/F, T.


Torso Rip: Down, Down, Right, Right, Q.
Head Decapitation: Right, Right, Right, Right, Q.


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