Mortal Kombat 4 / Gold

A former member of the White Lotus Society, Kai learned his skills from the great masters throughout Asia. He journeyed to the Far East after meeting his friend and ally, Liu Kang in America. Now, they reunite to assist Raiden in the battle with Shinnok.

Special Moves

Falling Fireball: Back, Back, High Punch.
Rising Fireball: Forward, Forward, Low Punch.
(Can also be done in air)
Air Fist: Down, Forward, High Punch.
Hand Walk: Block + Low Kick.
To stand up press Block.
Leg Spin: While in Hand Walk position hold Low Punch.
Throw: While in Hand Walk position press Low Kick.


Ghurka Knife: Down, Back, Low Punch.

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: (Close) Up, Forward, Up, Back, High Kick.
Fatality 2: (Outside Sweep) Up, Up, Up, Down, Block.
Prison Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Down, Block.
Goro's Lair Stage Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, High Kick.


Click here to download the FMV Ending.

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